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[P3D V5] Aerosoft Canary Islands professional - La Gomera

Product information "Canary Islands professional - La Gomera"
Located in the very south of the island, the “Aeropuerto de La Gomera” serves as the regional connection hub of the second-smallest of the Canaries.

This part of sim-wings’ Canary Islands professional series recreates the airport of La Gomera for Prepar3D V4, with all of its typical Canary architecture modelled in high detail. A detailed 3D mesh and high-resolution ground texturing convey the feeling of this volcanic island very realistically. Watch the rendered night lighting and dynamic lights of the traffic on the apron and surroundings illuminate the scenery at night, while animated vehicles and terminal doors that even react to approaches bring it to life.

Having too short a runway for international airliners, La Gomera Airport mainly connects the island to the rest of the archipelago, with regular flights existing between La Gomera and Tenerife North.


High-resolution ground textures based on aerial images with 25 cm/pixel for the airport area and 50 cm/pixel for the rest of the island
Detailed 3D height model (mesh) for the entire island La Gomera with 5 m resolution
All buildings and facilities in the airport area and the close surroundings are modelled in high detail
Excellent atmosphere at night and dusk due to rendered night lighting
Autogen and vegetation for the entire island La Gomera
All code (BGLs) compiled with P3D V4 SDK, being performance optimised to the new engine
All objects optimised for new shadow technology
New, optimised 3D runway lighting with activation/deactivation based on time of day and weather conditions, incl. special PAPI based on P3D V4 SDK features
Apron lamps and street lights with dynamic lighting
Dynamic vehicles on the apron and surroundings (AESLite), incl. optional dynamic lights
Automatically animated doors at the terminal entrance, reacting to proximity or time of day
Configuration tool for further settings options

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