Cartayna Files has become the largest and most experienced GSX configuration developer in the market. Since the release of GSX Level 2 in 2018, and for the following 2 consecutive years, has been developing these files to reach over 100 airport GSX Level 2 configurations of the most popular airports in the world.

The configurations have different versions, being the most advanced the V.X. You will find an explanation of what does each configuration have inside of it in the Excel sheet that comes with the package.

Some of these configurations have been developed with the help of real-life airport staff in order to provide you with the best sense of immersion. Cartayna Files are the only configurations in the market that pushbacks have been customized one by one, helping the pilot to perform the operation matching the ATC's instructions of "Facing X".

This project started in support of FSDT as to help the developer and the large amount of GSX's users in the complexity and extremely vast time consuming in the creation of a GSX Level2 configuration. A V.X. Configuration of C.F. of a Mega Airport such as EGLL can take up to 200 hours to perform. All this Cartayna Files package V 1.00 of over 100 configurations are now yours for free ONLY for SimMarket users.

Some configurations come with nice surprises inside, such as Dynamic lights configurations, custom made logos (only work for now on P3DV4.5), or the new VDGS SODE.

Also included in the package, a large LOGO library (400+) that for now, only works in P3Dv4.5.  Hopefully the new P3DV5 GSX Level2 will bring logos in the future. This library brings most of the airlines in the world as well as a logo for each of the airport configuration that CF brings in this package.

"What you see here is the result of a collaboration of SimMarket, Scenery Developers and Cartayna Files. None of this would have been possible without their support. SimMarket goes beyond being an online store. Their belief that projects such as this add value to the simming community plus a few thousands of hours invested in this by Cartayna Files are dedicated to the simmers that look for a better inmmersive experience on our Sim. No other store comes closer to this nor offers the result of this work for free for you to enjoy"  

                                                                                                                                        Xavi Iturralde Lind - Cartayna Files

    ICAO       Airport          Developer
1     BIKF     Keflavik        Mk Studios
2     CYUL    Montreal      Fly Tampa
3     CYVR    Vancouver   FSDreamteam
4     CYYZ    Toronto        Fly Tampa
5     EBBR    Brussels      Just Sim
6     EDDB    Berlin           29 Palms
7     EDDC    Dresden       Just Sim
8     EDDE    Erfurt            AS V1.0
9     EDDF    Frankfurt       Aerosoft
10   EDDH    Hamburg     Just Sim
11   EDDK    Köln Bonn    Aerosoft
12   EDDL    Dusseldorf    Just Sim
13   EDDL    Düsseldorf    JustSim v.2
14   EDDM    Munich         Taxi2Gate
15   EDDN    Nuremeberg  29Palms
16   EDDP    Leipzig           Digital Designs
17   EDDS    Stutgart          Aerosoft
18   EDDW    Bremen         FSDG
19   EDLW    Dortmund       Aerosoft
20   EETN    Tallin               DrzewieckiDesign
21   EGBB    Birmingham    UK2000
22   EGCC    Manchester    UK2000
23   EGKK    Gatwick           UK2000
24   EGKK    Gatwick          JennaSoft
25   EGLL    Heathrow         SimWings AS
26   EGPF    Glasgow          UK2000
27   EGPH    Edimburgh      UK2000
28   EGSS    Standstead      UK2000
29   EHAM   Amsterdam      Fly Tampa
30   EIDW    Dublin              MKStudios
31   EKBI     Billund              Vidan Design
32   EKCH   Copenhaguen   Fly Tampa (not for v2)
33   ELLX    Luxemburg       Just Sim
34   ENGM  Oslo                  Aerosoft
35   ENVA   Trondheim         Aerosoft
36   EPBY   Bydgoszcz         DrzewieckiDesign
37   EPGD  Gdansk              DrzewieckiDesign
38   EPKK   Krakow V2         DrzewieckiDesign
39   EPKK   Krakow V3         DrzewieckiDesign
40   EPKT   Katovice             DrzewieckiDesign
41   EPLB   Lubin                  DrzewieckiDesign
42   EPRZ   Eprz                   DrzewieckiDesign
43   EPSY   P Lotniczy          DrzewieckiDesign
44   EPWA  Varsaw               DrzewieckiDesign
45   EPWR  Breslavia           DrzewieckiDesign
46   ESGG  Gotteburg          RcDesign
47   EVRA   Riga                  Just Sim
48   GCFV   Fuerteven.        Mk Studios
49   GCLP   G. Canaria        SimWings AS
50   GCRR  Lanzarote          Mk Studios
51   KBOS   Boston              Fly Tampa
52   KCLT    Charlotte           FSDreamteam
53   KDCA   R.Reagan          DrzewieckiDesign
54   KDEN   Denver              Flightbeam
55   KEWR  Newark             DrzewieckiDesign
56   KJFK    Kennedy           Drawchezky
57   KLAS    Las Vegas        Fly Tampa
58   KLAX    Los Angeles     FSDreamteam
59   KLGA    La Guardia       DrzewieckiDesign
60   KMCO   Orlando            Taxi2Gate
61   KMDW   Chicago M.      DrzewieckiDesign
62   KMEM    Memphis         FSDreamteam
63   KMIA     Miami               Latin VFR
64   KMSY    New Orleans   Latin VFR
65   KORD    O'Hare             DrzewieckiDesign
66   KSEA     SeatlleX           DrzewieckiDesign
67   KSFO     S.Francisco     Flightbeam
68   LDZA     Zagreb             RFSB
69   LEAL     Alicantee          Pilot's
70   LEAS    Oviedo              RFSB
71   LEBL     Barcelona         SimWings AS
72   LEIB      Ibiza                 SimWings AS
73   LEMD    Madrid              SimWings AS
74   LEMD    Madrid              Latin VFR
75   LEMG    Malaga             SimWings AS
76   LEMH    Mahon              SimWings AS
77   LEPA     Palma               SimWings AS
78   LEPA     Palma               Just Sim
79   LEST    Santiago            FSXScenery
80   LEVC    Valencia X         AS SimWare
81   LFML    Marsella             JetStream Designs
82   LFMN    Nice                   Just Sim
83   LFPO    Paris Orly          JetStream Designs
84   LFRS    Nantes               JetStream Designs
85   LGAV    Athens               Fly Tampa
86   LGIR     Heraklion           Just Sim
87   LGRP    Rhodes              FSDG
88   LICJ      Palermo              JetStream Designs
89   LIMC     Milano Mal          Aerosoft
90   LIME     Bergamo             Aerosoft
91   LIML      Milano L.            JetStream Designs
92   LIPQ      Trieste V.            RFSceneryB
93   LIRF       Fuimiccino         MKStudios
94   LJLJ       Llubijana            RFSB
95   LKPR     Prague               Aerosoft
96   LOWW   Viena                 Fly Tampa
97   LPPT      Lisbon               Mk Studios
98   LROP     Bucharest         Afl0Sim
99   LSGG     Geneve             RFSB
100  LSZH     Zurich               Aerosoft
101  LTAI       Antalaya           Just Sim
102  LTBS     Dalaman           Just Sim
103  LTYV     Tivat                  Digital Designs
104  MMUN   Cancún             FSimStudios
105  TNCM    St. Marteen       Fly Tampa
106   ULLI      S.Petersb.         Digital Designs
107   UUEE    Moscow Sh.      DrzewieckiDesign
108   UUWW  Moscow Vnu.    JustSim


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